Chapter 9 - page 33

posted 15th May 2022, 3:00 PM

Chapter 9 - page 33
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Author Notes


15th May 2022, 3:00 PM

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Perhaps it's not the smartest of moves.

But what much else can you do in the face of someone with that much power and control over your fate?

Maybe, just maybe... knowing more about the things he CAN do will improve the odds, even if the odds are nil.


I know it's been a VERY long while, and I'm sorry for the silence. All I can really say about the situation without repeating how busy things have been is... I wasn't in a very good headspace these past couple months. I could not draw Dust's face no matter how many times I tried and, after much frustration, just told myself to stop for a bit, don't think about FD2R for a while. And while that did work, I'm sorry it meant I just vanished for a while, with no news.

I feel I am doing much better now, though, so don't worry. I'll be sure to give a proper heads up if I feel it might happen again. And also, I'm striving to finish this chapter (finally) before June ends. There's only two pages left, and I really want to make it happen.

Don't be like me, guys. As I often say in Soul Food, take a break. Take care of yourselves <3



15th May 2022, 9:52 PM

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we will be here, take your time.


26th May 2022, 9:59 PM

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Thank you Centy <3

ninus hideon

16th May 2022, 10:14 AM

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Silas, you cute shark, Dust is the main character, so Shhhhhh...

AN: Don't sweat, Cici. Take your time. Master pieces like this take time to make :)


26th May 2022, 10:00 PM

view CiciEnixa's profile

Come now, he's a good responsible adult with concerns for Dust's fate in the universe.

Aww, thank you ninus <3


16th May 2022, 11:28 AM

view Xellos's profile

Take your time. I would rather have a delayed story and a non-burned out author than something created out of obligation. This might be a labour of love but you need to come first.


26th May 2022, 10:00 PM

view CiciEnixa's profile

Thank you Xellos <3 I will take care!


19th May 2022, 11:08 PM

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At this point Dust is all "Whatever" on things given all he's already been through.

*pats Cici's head* Health (especially mental) and all that comes before webcomics.


26th May 2022, 10:03 PM

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Not much he can do. And dying with no choice in the matter ain't a great option, so...

*nod nod* I'm doing my best <3 Thank you MST3K~


21st May 2022, 3:07 AM

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Yessss, new Dust!

I totally get that feeling though. I've also been in a rut lately and every time I try to put pen to paper I feel all the motivation suck right out of me. Take your time, your well being is more important.


26th May 2022, 10:05 PM

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Thank you Ruxin. It's really frustrating when it keeps happening, too... but I hope things will be well for the both of us <3


28th May 2022, 8:01 PM

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Hmmm, I wonder why she erased that person - and if she can do stuff like that - she could make it so, that Dust would find the name...

Very optimistic there, Dust...

@a/n: *hugs* please take care of yourself - however long it takes - that is better than being burnt out... *hugs*


10th Jun 2022, 10:09 PM

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Considering the power was a gift, it's either she doesn't know how to make the name-finding possible, or the gift has limited abilities. In any case, she can't seem to do it...

Thank you mjkj <3

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