Headcanons and Conspiracy Theories

This is where you lovely peeps can have your own little discussions about From Dust To Ruination.

As it is with most discussions with strangers over the Internet, please practice netiquette. You guys are wonderful people. You are far above trolling or committing arson. Probably.

I like making things as much as reading conspiracy theories, so if you share:

a) an outlandish yet very convincing headcanon/theory,

b) a frighteningly accurate explanation for any particular event in FD2R, or

c) something that just plain makes me laugh really hard,

** I shall make you some lovely art of whatever you may request **

Even if you request for something unspeakably cruel, like people jaywalking. Oh, the horror. But, I shall persist. By the way, if you end up sharing B,  I will not inform you that you are correct until  it has been proven true in-comic. Unless it will never be shown in-comic, in which case I may or may not confirm your suspicions.  I promise that your theories will not influence me to make major changes in the comic, to keep things fair. There shall be no bias (or whatever it's called) in this land!*

One more thing. If Disqus intimidates you, feel free to comment your headcanon/conspiracy theory in the comment section of the comic. I'll personally add it here for you ;) Just make sure you label it as your headcanon/conspiracy theory so that I know you aren't just openly rambling about (That would still be pretty funny to see, though).