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Fan Art



Susan and Purple (Clio)
by Moira Darke (now Monday)

Sofia - 100 Palette Challenge (#49)
by zartala

Let's Draw Our Characters TOGETHER
lineart by Saari (now Jarvi)
coloring by Proxy170


Tristan - 100 Palette Challenge (#52)
by Binyamin

Halloween Fanart Exchange 2014
by Ninabird


Halloween Fanart Exchange 2014
by Spelledeg

Silliness from Hangouts: Breaking News!
by Spelledeg


Silliness from Comments: First Date with Zepar
by Saari (now Jarvi)

Tristan Dust - 100 Palette Challenge (#72)
by rufiangel



Christmas 2014: Dust and Zepar
by Spelledeg

Clio, Dust, and Gavyn
by Monday


VDay Crossover Exchange 2015: Kat & Dust
by The D-Wrek

Tristan Dust
by Alicia


VDay Crossover Exchange 2015: Hildr & Melora
by Damatris

Chinese New Year: Nemi and Dust
by rufiangel


Bday: Tea Party Yays~
by Saari (now Jarvi)

Bday: Hey, you!!
by HeSerpenty


Bday: From Dust To Muffins
by rufiangel

Commission: Minarope
by Damatris


Commission: Zepar
by Damatris

by The D-Wrek


by argylefox

Bday: Minarope Portrait
by Spelledeg


Bday: Zepar
by Alicia

Crossover Prom 2015
by Mia


by ann13angel

Levon (in cape and speedos)
by Spelledeg


by Amalockh1

A Prisoner To Fear
by rufiangel


Minarope Sketch
by Waterdrain

Halloween Crossover 2015
by jenffer


Art Trade - Zepar
by azureXtwilight

Christmas 2015: How Zepar Stole Christmas
by The D-Wrek


Christmas 2015: Winter Wonderland
by rufiangel

Mina with Peony Flower Crown
by vousrein


Hair Grooming Tips
by MST3KFan

Rubble Fanart (yes, even the rubble XD)
by HeSerpenty


VDay Crossover Exchange 2016 - Fae & Dust
by zartala

Mina Headshot
by HeSerpenty


Mina and Dust / ʇsnp puɐ ɐuᴉɯ
by rufiangel

Hot Clio - NSFW 2016
by lirvilas


Birthday Dust
by HeSerpenty

Bday: Ventriloquist Decarabia
by Jarvi


Bday: Andromeda/Mina
by Zoe

Bday: Eaten Cake
by MST3KFan


Bday: Bloody Dust
by azureXtwilight

by MST3KFan


Mina Headshot
by GabbyGood, requested by MST3KFan

Comipo Request: Chapter 4 page 25
by Shirokuro


Your Flowyness (Andromeda)
by T-Deines (or Deinesaur)

All Star Fighters: Dust Character Card
by Kenn


Butterfly Encounter
by I1like1pie

Halloween Crossover 2016: Creepy Mina
by Confettirainbowpony


Commission: Demon Fabuloso (King Paimon)
by azureXtwilight

Inner Demons
by Proxy170


Christmas Mina 2016
by MST3KFan

Commission: Kissies
by azureXtwilight, commissioned by rufiangel


VDay Crossover Exchange 2017 - Callie & Dust
by ProfEtheric

Bday: RUN
by rufiangel


Zepar / Dust
by Gladewalker



Fan Fic

Shelter by rufiangel




Videos and Games 


by Kenn

Initially from a collaborative event project called Tapastic All Star Fighters, Webtoon Tales is a story-based browser flash fighting game that brings together different webcomic characters from the rifts opening across all the universes. Each baackground and webcomic character was lovingly drawn frame by frame by each of their creators, while NPCs, mechanics, coding and all that craziness was labored with blood sweat and tears by Kenn, creator of Starry Day.

Click the pic to play and... Enjoy!



Noteworthy Comments from Cici's Playthrough:

"[D]ust is way tough XDDD and i don't mean that as bad but gosh, this is my third retry and he's got health and endurance like a horse lol"

"... this is what i have to deal with every time he takes a deep breath, this guy, this guy who canonically got smacked like a limp noodle by a tree child"

"KENNNNNN I BEAT DUST AFTER LIKE A BILLION YEARS XD *weeps because she beat the living crap out of her bby and not for the usual reasons*"

"i like that the bunny guy says "i wouldn't worry about dust, just prepare for a longer battle if he takes a breather" like NO S*** THAT MECHANIC IS THE MOST FIGHT-BREAKING MECHANIC TO EVER EXIST, HE IS LITERALLY UNBEATABLE IF HE USES THAT ENDGAME"



How did things come to this? Why did you make this a reality, Spelledeg? XD

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Not to be confused with Snickers who are clearly trying steal off of our ideas but don't tell them that.

Kids love 'em, adults wonder why they keep buying 'em! They're just that good, I tell you!

Available in every monstrous combination of candies possible. "What's inside? Nobody knows..."



In honor of the night Rufi asked me to doodle a sexy marshmallow!Dust


BUTT NIGHT 3/22/15


by rufiangel by TheD-Wrek by HeSerpenty


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