Chapter 6 - page 29

posted 31st Dec 2017, 9:20 PM

Chapter 6 - page 29
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Author Notes


31st Dec 2017, 9:20 PM

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Nothing like welcoming the New Year with shattered leg bones and crushed hope, amirite?

(also Proxy, remember when you asked if it was like Yvonne? Yeahhh... XD)


Thank you for the requests last update, guys, it was a pleasure to do <3 (I am SO out of practice tho haha XD)

"maybe a doodle of your readers in Mina vision?" for Proxy170

"our little chatzy familyteam in chibi versions" for Jarvi
(unfortunately the actual sketch had a little accident with water ^^; i can redo it and post it here by tomorrow, but for now...)

"Mina visiting a horrified chiropractor for her neck 'issues'" for MST3KFan



31st Dec 2017, 9:30 PM

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MAN Cici, you are REALLY building this up for an awesome happy justice scene where Gus finally gets it, or you are gonna go a Game of Thrones route where we all scream at the screen, rage quit, vow to never read FD2R again, but eventually come back because we're all a bunch of masochists XD Really though, I do love Gus' twisted character build.

hahahaha and yes, now both Yvonne and Dust both have broken legs! But I do hope Dust will have a different fate than Yvonne.


2nd Jan 2018, 8:36 AM

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I dunno how awesome will be considered awesome, but I'll certainly make it as close to divine retribution as I can hahaha

Gus is just really fun to do. He's absolutely nasty, but still fun. Course, sometimes even I cringe like with the leg thing and with Billy's face, so... XD

Mel Cormac

31st Dec 2017, 10:52 PM

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2nd Jan 2018, 8:40 AM

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XDDD I shall take this as a... good sign?

Mel Cormac

3rd Jan 2018, 12:44 AM

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Definitely a good sign! This comic has been ripping my heart out for a long time, and I can't get enough of it


31st Dec 2017, 11:21 PM

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Wow makes you appreciate the unthinkable evil spewing from the depths of absolute oblivion. I'm just going to bet that Dust and his hinted at demonic nature is going to awaken and he is going to enter some berserker state and consume Gus's soul like a bowl of ramen.


2nd Jan 2018, 8:42 AM

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The Demons are probably a whole lot more preferable by this point, yes.

Bet noted! Let's see how Gus gets his dues in the next couple pages ;D


31st Dec 2017, 11:48 PM

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That's seriously, visceraly painful page! Both emotionally and I can almost feel that shot. @_@


2nd Jan 2018, 8:48 AM

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I felt that shot, too, and that was when I was still writing this scene. I haven't even started drawing anyone at the time XD


31st Dec 2017, 11:55 PM

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I really no longer like this guy.

I hate him as much as I hate prince doucimus in Datachasers.



2nd Jan 2018, 8:50 AM

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I think absolutely no one cares if Gus even has some kind of reason or excuse for any of this, you guys all just detest him with every fiber of your being and I feel despicably proud of that XDDD


1st Jan 2018, 12:37 AM

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...poor her =S

...and Dust hit the dust again...

...happy new year... 🎆🎇✨


2nd Jan 2018, 8:59 AM

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Hahaha, Happy New Year, mjkj~

She tried... she had hoped at least she could bluff it long enough for Dust to escape, but Gus knew.


1st Jan 2018, 3:25 AM

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Wow. Gus just keeps digging his own grave here. I'm thinking once again, Demon Mina is gonna have to help Dust's butt out yet again.

And thank you for drawing my request, Cici! XD Poor chiropractor. LOL


2nd Jan 2018, 9:00 AM

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It's so deep, we could probably just nudge him and he'd fall in and be forgotten forever XD



1st Jan 2018, 5:04 AM

view Jarvi's profile

Oh shit poor Dust :o How is he going to walk now? _^_ Poor Jesse too... Gus you need to get murdered in some awful way!

Btw I love that little sketch :D <3 Sorry about the real one ^^' And I found myself in scary Mina vision form hahaha it's funny :D


2nd Jan 2018, 9:12 AM

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I guess Dust's just gonna not have a leg anymore (removes the entirety of Dust's leg) XD

I'm sure you guys would love all the awful things to happen to Gus, but I'll try my best with what I can do.

I'm the one sorry about the sketch, I was not careful ^^; I'll put it up as soon as I can! (also yes you found you hahaha)

Slim Kittens

1st Jan 2018, 5:55 AM

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I imagine Mina's demons are plotting to give Gus an earworn that never ends even as we speak.


2nd Jan 2018, 9:17 AM

view CiciEnixa's profile

An endless loop of Barney songs, perhaps? XD

Matt Knab

1st Jan 2018, 5:59 AM

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Man, is this guy trying out for his very own demon-hood?
That, or he's just making sure we feel really good when he is eventually eviscerated.


2nd Jan 2018, 9:19 AM

view CiciEnixa's profile

He'd be a rather high-ranking Demon at this point if that's what it took to be a Demon XD Man, you guys really want him deader than dead XDDD


1st Jan 2018, 6:26 AM

view Spelledeg's profile

NO WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO DUST. AHHH. I just reread through everything and am on maximum hype and this punches even harder now >_> AHGHHHHKSJHSKJF

*rolls on floor in agony*

I love it. I want to punch Gus with a frying pan, he's a gud antagonist.


2nd Jan 2018, 9:21 AM

view CiciEnixa's profile


I can't believe you reread everything, but also glad that it all paces out pretty well for you <3

Pain is love XD


2nd Jan 2018, 8:44 AM

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Jesse, Why didn't you shoot him? less talking, more shooting!

Dang it, it's too late now...


2nd Jan 2018, 9:29 AM

view CiciEnixa's profile

She tried, she just... can't. Not again, not like last time.

Because that's how you start. That's how you end up snuffing out one life after another, caring less and less each time until other lives don't matter anymore.

That's how you end up like Gus.


3rd Jan 2018, 9:32 PM

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Cici. Gamne of thrones is not a manual of how to make a comic! ... But im enjoying this a lot!


4th Jan 2018, 6:42 AM

view CiciEnixa's profile

The funny thing is probably the fact that you guys think FD2R's brutality is inspired by GoT, when I've never actually read or watched GoT XD

Imagine how much worse this could get if I did hahaha

(Thank you, Centy~ <3)


9th Jan 2018, 9:14 PM

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Dang... just...dang D:

This is certainly a heart-wrenching predicament

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