Chapter 6 - page 41

posted 20th May 2018, 8:10 AM

Chapter 6 - page 41
Scream for Help
I am beauty, I am grace


20th May 2018, 8:10 AM

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Caught between choosing Death as your fate
And choosing Death as your new calling
You chose the latter

But there was still a sliver of a heart left in you
And we're coming for her

I will come and eat your face


20th May 2018, 8:48 AM

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And cue nightmare realm montage. Really loving the whole reliving your worst day over and over again bit, of course that should be expected for a duke of hell and the 71st demon of solomon. Also question where are your 36 legions I ask because having an army might be useful for training our somewhat "special" heroes in the future since nothing is better for grinding experience for a weak and spongy meatbag and a princess who quite literally did the equivalent to "going in a stangers van because they had candy" as a massive onslaught of demons.

P.S. thought you would have more heads.


21st May 2018, 12:56 PM

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Marax: Oooh, oooh! I can answer that!

Wellll, back in the day, when we Demons were still warmongering brutes, we had legions of minor Demons to do the fighting for us. The legions were actually *literal* extensions of ours, so the more legions we had, the weaker the Main Demon was. We can have them re-assimilate to us but yanno... why make many weak mini-yous when you can have one really powerful You?

But don't you worry, as I said, we used to be warmongering brutes. I'm sure we're more than enough to get Squiddly and Mina in... acceptable fighting shape. Unless they die. Their loss.

I ͢d͢o no̸t ̛h́ave ͟many͘ ̡h̶eads̀
̷O͢ņl̛y̵ man͞y face̸s̨
̴Śev͘e̢ra̸l ̛o̶f whic̴h̷ y҉o͠u h̡av͘e alread͝y ̀see̴n̸


21st May 2018, 9:59 PM

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Depends if you want to enjoy the fight for a little while holding back like the vampire Alucard or just destroy instantly because they are like ants like any DBZ villian. Plus for training I'm guessing squishy can barely handle your literal pinky finger so it mignt be prudent to use a mini-minion.


20th May 2018, 8:59 AM

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Humanize the villain before we DE-humanize him, eh?


21st May 2018, 1:04 PM

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You̢ ҉sa̸y t̢ha̷t ͠as̵ ̢if̛ C̨i͡c͝i hąs̶n'̴t̨ gon҉é a͝nd ͠de̛h͡u̡mąn̵i͢zed̶ ̛h͢i͝m̨ al͟r͞e͘adý
Or҉ ̵d̕id͢ y̡ou ̕me̡an ͝dehu̧man͜iz͞i̷n̡g h̵i̷m҉ ̷p҉hy͘s͡i͝ca͠ll̡y̛?̧ ͜
A̷s̵ ̨i̷n "̛m͘a̵k̴e him lo͜o̕k̛ le͝ss̶ and͢ ̷l͘es̶s͡ ͘human͟ with ͜e̡àc͞h ̀st̵àb͜".̴

Fabian W.

20th May 2018, 8:41 PM

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Do I interpret that correctly as a "let him relive his worst memory" move?


21st May 2018, 1:39 PM

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The ͘d̶a͝y̡ ͟wh̸e͜n tḩo̢s͢e c̡lo͘s͢est ̕t̶o him
Th҉o͢s҉e҉ ̸he ̢t̛rųs҉ted́
Those͘ h́e ̷th͡òught ̕wo̷uld̀ ͡ha̡v̛e ̷hi̶s͢ ͏b͠ack͜
͞In͜s̷tead ҉s̨ta̛bb͡ed̴ it͟
͡Ánd cho͝s̛e͝ ͞to͏ ̨s̷e̴al hi̡s fa͜te i҉n Dea͡th fòreve̢r͠
̸Indeed́, ́h͝ow̨ wor͢s̀e͝ ͟cou̴ld i̷t̡ ̀get?


21st May 2018, 3:24 AM

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His own brother wanted to murder him with an axe... wow.. looks like there's something wrong with the family DNA xD
The kid... daughter? Little sister? What happened to her? If she lives happily ever after, is her DNA also so much broken that we should wipe it from the face of the comic? xD
Also.. how did that scene started? It seems like Gus was first one to attack his wife, so I'm guessing.. Gus comes back home, sees his wife being back to him, and she says something like "Richie (or whatever his brother's name is, I have no idea why I called him Richard xD) baby, you're home early today, I didn't have the time to put the sexy dress on yet" and saying this she turns and oops it's just Gus. There's also a chance that she was his fiancee not wife before, but the phrasing and Gus reaction screams more cheating wife ^^'
Anyways, that's just my little overthinking xD thank you for delightful nightmarish memory Dantalion ^^

And question for Cici when she gets back - how do you enjoy Alt Reality? Any cool stuff in there? :D


21st May 2018, 4:47 PM

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C̛àssid͝y͠ ̶Jane ̴Ca͘nn̵àry͘
͟A͘ co͟n͟noiss͜e͠ur ̛o͞f de͜a͝th, ̕b̸ut ͝not͡ of ḿur̵der
Pat͢ie͡n̨t̡... u͢n̨l̛ik͝e ͘h̕e͟r fa͠t͝hèr
L͘o͞v̀i̡ng͟... u̸ńli̶ke ͠her̷ m͠o͡t҉he̶r̨

B̢ut̛ ̷j́u̴st̕ as ҉c̀o͢ld͝ ͢an͘d͠ c̢a͏l͞c͢u͝la̵ti͢ǹg̷
̧as ͠he҉r be̕l̛òved͟ Ųn̢cl̴e ̀Gus

Once upon a time, a silly Human named Gus set off to make money so that he can marry his One True Love, Bonnie. He got a job in kidnapping people and selling organs and all that (you already know this, heehee) and earned lots and lots of money. But when he came back, Bonnie already married his brother, Dio (short for Claudius, which is the dumbest name ever. Richie sounds way better).

He was DEVASTATED, his heart crushed in a bajillion pieces. There was NO WAY he could ever love or trust anyone ever again! ... well, until they gave birth to Cassidy, who was the sweetest little darling, so much that he adored and spoiled her so much whenever he returned home from basically murdering people.

Now the jerkbutts, they saw Gus always brought home LOADS of money, which was suspicious and unfair. So they dug deep, found out he was an outlaw, and decided "hey, if we kill him, we'll get reward money AND all the money he leaves behind." So they set up a very dumb plot where Bonnie "cheats" on her husband for Gus because she still "looooves" him, and then Dio walks in, finds Gus stealing his wife, and kills him for it.

Except Gus isn't dumb like them and promptly just ignores Bonnie.

Angry Bonnie goes for the knife, and Gus pins her down by the neck in self defense, aaaand here we are, where everyone BUUUUURNS!!! ;D You're welcome, Blue One~


26th May 2018, 6:39 PM

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IS IT TIME... FOR THE PARTY NOW! I feel like its time for the party now.

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