Chapter 8 - page 9

posted 19th Jan 2020, 3:10 PM

Chapter 8 - page 9
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19th Jan 2020, 3:10 PM

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Before anything, thank you all for your patience. Unfortunately the next 3 weeks are gonna be real busy in preparation for our conference, so please expect the next page... probably sometime mid February. In the meantime, I'm leaving you guys with plenty of stuff.


Because it’s now relevant, I shall now explain Aster magic. If you’ve seen the FD2R QnA before, you’re probably already familiar with this, but we could all do with a refresher and some additional facts methinks.

There are as many varieties of magic as there are Asters, of which there are currently 88 recognized and still more being found. That’s 88 different sorts of magic, with who knows how many derivations for each sort. That means Aster magic isn’t an easy thing to implement laws for, as the many varieties make it so that there are too many loopholes that could arise.

There are many laws regarding Aster magic, one of which is only people who are deemed responsibly qualified can go around using Aster magic in public. These people are called Mages. However, mages are forbidden to use Aster magic in public without instruction and supervision from a mage of a higher rank, because mages can call on many different Asters and this can end very, very badly.

But Cici, you ask, how can this end badly?

Aster magic does not have a safety switch. Not a 100% fool-proof one anyway. If you’re calling on your Guardian Aster, your GA can prevent you from making mistakes. This is not the case for other Asters. If you make a mistake in Aster Invocation, the Aster will consider it a flub and ignore the Invocation in its entirety. However, if you make a mistake in writing an Aster Inscription, there are several things that can happen. If the instruction doesn’t make sense, it won’t work. However, if it does make sense, even if it is extremely dangerous, it will still activate and nothing will stop it.

Which isn’t great when you accidentally amplify the strength of a force projectile, reverse its direction so that it pulls instead of pushes, and just ultimately results in you creating a mini black hole because you made a vacuum.

Which is so horribly easy to do by mistake. All it takes is one wrong pen stroke…



19th Jan 2020, 6:18 PM

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That's pretty bad if one wrong pen mark can lead to being sucked into a void. XD

Love how the demons in Mina's head offer commentary about the situation.


20th Jan 2020, 12:31 PM

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With great power comes great responsibility. And unfortunately, it is one heck of a responsibility to become a Mage in FD2R.

We’ll be seeing them chime in more often now that they’ve been introduced. Lord knows the shenanigans that Dust and Mina get into warrants some backseat commentary XD


19th Jan 2020, 11:17 PM

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This may be a case where the victims of the crime seem to be a greater menace to society than the criminals themselves!


20th Jan 2020, 12:41 PM

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Theft is a petty crime for a good reason here in FD2R. This robbery could have been so much worse, and that might just happen in the next couple pages.

The dangers of Aster magic is also why people don’t mess around with it. It’s like playing with chemicals. Anyone can do it, but you either have to be well-learned about chemicals or very ignorant to go mess around with something that could explode in your face.


20th Jan 2020, 12:24 AM

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But black hole magics are the bestest! They allow you to escape through solid objects!

Oh, you mean one of THOSE black holes. Yeah, they tend to squeeze you into spaces far smaller than your body is meant to be in. You get canned like jam. Jammed in a can. It's not pretty.


20th Jan 2020, 12:44 PM

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It absolutely won’t be pretty if the police come and find nothing but a swirling black vortex where the whole trolley once stood.


20th Jan 2020, 12:43 AM

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Uh-Huh... we are back to the "Hippy-Hipsters with good intentions and questionable methods", I see. It's the "We're pretty much professionals" comment that has me cringing... Even Halphas is worried!

I'm only saying this because the answer is positively mind-boggling, but "How could it POSSIBLY get any worse?"

I REALLY want to know what happened next...

PS. Mina is adorable when she's blushing!


20th Jan 2020, 12:48 PM

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I’ll tell you now that only two out of five of them could be considered “professionals”, and it is definitely not the one who said it. The rest go by the title “Student Mages”, for a good reason.

The Student Mages are also the ones who are a little more... experimental... XDDD


20th Jan 2020, 7:35 AM

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So rule one of magic. Proper penmanship is a must. Second instead of writing a spell freehand maybe just make a stencil or a bunch of pre-made copies so you know don't end all life as we know it. I mean even uptight asshole wizard stiyl magnus knows the values of preparing a bunch of copies. I mean when catching the bad guy and unleashing a 3rd apocalypse is the equivalent of Grammer my God I would take my chances with getting stabbed by a some Punk with a thin metal stick. I mean unless you are for sure certain that it will do what you want I wouldn't chance it. Because some of us aren't undead or demons. I have seen Eldritch abomimations and what they do to the orientation of ones psyche and more importantly ones innards.

Lastly this has been bothering but it's a nitpick why is the guitar playing robber using a sword and not an axe. I mean you know the dad jokes and puns I could have prepared. It's right there.


20th Jan 2020, 1:03 PM

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It always kinda baffled me how in Full Metal Alchemist, they can write circles so fast and so perfectly XD

But you’d be reasonable to think of stencils and pre-made copies. Even (actual) professional Mages carry around a spell booklet with a set of pre-written Inscriptions. Also, people who use Inscriptions on mass-produced things like stoves and lighting need to have a stencil and permit with approval from the Academy to sell them to the public.

As for the guitar, come on, a true Dad can come up with a pun no matter the situation lol


20th Jan 2020, 11:39 PM

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*lol* so Mina was the cause to bug up that inscription??? =P


21st Jan 2020, 5:36 PM

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Ah, no no, Mina wasn’t the one who wrote the Inscription. Jillian (orange haired girl) was the one writing, and told the Captain that they were professionals and didn’t make any mistakes. But Mina remembered from her point of view that Jillian was actually SO close to killing them all because of a wrong pen stroke.

Mina basically had something similar to a traumatic war flashback behind that smile XD


24th Jan 2020, 12:01 PM

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LOL that last panel is probably my fave interaction so far this chapter


25th Jan 2020, 9:55 AM

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Me too


the expressions are all fantastic but this one is probably my favorite.

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